• Accurately forecasting demand to establish operation plans and ensure a stable supply and profitability.


Production Technology Group

Tatsuyoshi Fujisawa

  • A wide range of different facilities and equipment are installed within the power plant. This includes the boilers that make steam with the use of Natural Gas, and the generators that use that steam to operate the turbines. In addition to these, there are also power receiving and distribution equipment and demineralized water treatment facilities, etc., the operation of which enables the production of energy. The mission of the Production Technology Group is to ensure that the operation plans and equipment installation plans for all facilities are optimized to guarantee appropriate operations that cater to the demands of our customers.

    One of our main duties is creating conception plans for the adoption of new facilities in the future. We have to constantly consider the adoption of the latest facility technologies in order to supply the companies in the Southern Group of the industrial complex with a stable supply of electricity and other energy at a reasonable cost, while at the same time promoting the reduction of CO 2 emissions and the establishment of energy saving. We are currently making enormous progress in the field of clean energy as we move ahead with plans for constructing a gas turbine power plant.

    It is interesting to note that establishing power plant operation plans in alignment with demand enables drastic cost savings.

    I joined the company in 2014, and was assigned to the Production Technology Group in April 2019. My job involves visiting the work areas around the plant, which makes me realize just how enormous the scale of the company’s energy production is.
    I am in charge of enacting the power plant’s operation plans. I establish the operation plans for the power generating facilities based on demand, which not only fluctuates on a yearly basis, but also in small increments every day. I am also sometimes involved in planning the resale of the inexpensive electrical power received overnight from TEPCO and transmitted to customers from the viewpoint of cost. I collect accurate information from customer companies and make accurate demand forecasts, which I use to implement the operation plans flexibly to greatly suppress unnecessary operations within the power plant. Operating power generators in an appropriate manner is extremely effective in cost saving. It directly affects the profitability of the company, and although I feel the weight of responsibility on a daily basis, I also feel that my job is extremely worthwhile.

  • The more I understand
    about the many facilities used in the power plant,
    the stronger my interest in my job becomes.

  • Only six months have passed since I was reassigned to the Production Technology Group, but the careful guidance provided by the other workers has enabled me to gradually build up my knowledge of all aspects needed when I establish production plans, from the theory through to actually generating electricity.
    Despite this, I have still not reached a level in which I completely understand all functions inherent with the various facilities and equipment installed throughout the company. I want to learn more and more about everything, including how the operators use their knowhow to operate the facilities and machines.
    I believe that acquiring a full understanding of the roles of each facility and what machines perform what processes will enable me to establish operation plans more accurately, as well also allow me to get a clearer picture of the production technologies that we need to adopt in the future. My aim is to broaden my line of sight so that I can extract the maximum efficiency from the performance of each facility.

  • prof
  • (Tatsuyoshi Fujisawa)
  • Previous job was an SE for an insurance system. Joined the company after deciding to move back home after marriage. States that his logical thinking with regard to system architecture is useful in creating production plan proposals.
    • 08:20
      Arrives at work
      Takes part in the power plant’s morning meeting. Shares details on the operational status with operators, and reports on the power generation results of the previous day. Shares information on construction work, etc.
      Compiles information
      Compiles information related to electricity, steam and demineralized water from customers, and forecasts supply.
      The set menus in the staff canteen are subsidized by the company and are extremely cheap.
      Regular meeting with people in charge of facilities. Receives reports on regular maintenance.
      Creates operation plan
      Creates power facility operation plans for the following month based on the supply forecast made in the morning.
      Returns home
  • The perfect job and environment for raising children.
    I am perfectly satisfied by my child-centric lifestyle.

    There is very little overtime work, and I don’t have to work on my days off, which provides me with plenty of time to enjoy my private life. I used to enjoy playing golf with friends on my days off before I became a father, but now my life revolves around my children on both weekends and weekends. I spend a lot of time taking my children for walks in the Kamisu Central Park, which is close to my home and the company. I have been a supporter of the local Kashima Antlers soccer team ever since I was in elementary school, and I look forward to taking my children to see the matches when they get a little older.

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