• Training Programs and Welfare Benefits

[Training and Study Programs]

After receiving entry training in general personnel groups, expert training will then be provided by each group. On-the-job training is carried out after the training period has ended, with veteran employees providing firm support until each new recruit reaches a pre-determined level. Other training programs are implemented at the time of promotion, as well as other training and study programs both within and outside of the company.
  • Three Days
  • Entry Training (Three Days)

    A training program essential for becoming a South Kashima Power Plant Inc. employee will be carried out immediately after entering the company, covering a company overview, CSR, visits to the power plant, ISO environmental management and safety training, among other topics.

  • Approximately Three Weeks
  • Expert Training (Approximately Three Weeks)

    High-level expert training, including training on demineralized water equipment, boilers, turbines, generators and other facilities, and training on the handling of raw materials and hazardous substances, will be carried out. This will be carried out while observing the actual facilities to ensure that an understanding of the principles and mechanisms is acquired. The people providing the training will be expert employees from each relevant department.

  • When Necessary
  • On-the-Job Training

    On-the-job training will be provided at each position assigned.

  • Miscellaneous
  • - Other training programs are also provided, such as courses in business manners, field study courses, external study courses, e-learning, correspondence courses and support for acquiring qualifications (the company will cover all costs incurred in sitting examinations and attending courses. Incentives and travel expenses paid). - A large number of employees take advantage of the above-mentioned qualification acquisition support system to actively obtain a wide range of qualifications.

[Allowances and Welfare Benefits]

  • Allowances
  • Commutation allowances, managerial allowances, family allowances, housing allowances, rent assistance, meal assistance, overtime allowances - Family allowances and housing allowances are available so that employees can establish a firm lifestyle foundation without anxiety.
  • Welfare Benefits
  • All types of social insurance, uniform lending, savings accumulation system, severance allowance system, company housing, rent assistance, qualification acquisition support system, self-enlightenment support system, childcare leave system, part-time work system, hourly-based annual leave system, congratulation and condolence allowance system, travel assistance (\30,000 per year), staff canteen available

    - Many employees make use of the travel assistance program to make trips with their families and colleagues. - A big attraction is the staff canteen serving hearty meals.


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