• New facilities

Commenced commercial
operation of
the Gas Turbine
Cogeneration system

At South Kashima Power Plant Inc.,the operation of a new facility[gas turbine cogeneration system] has started successfully in July 2020.The new facility reduces the emission of CO₂ ,nitrogen oxides as much as possible and the environmental load. In addition, after power generation by the gas turbine, the energy of the exhaust gas is recovered by the boiler.And steam futher rotates the steam turbine to generate electricity. This will increase plant efficiency and create inexpensive electricity that is easy for customers to use .And,like electricity, steam is also supplied to customers without waste.

Outline of the gas turbine cogeneration system facilities.


Heat recovery steam generator
Steam Flow 46 t/h × 3 units

Gas turbine

Open cycle gas turbine

Steam turbine

Extraction back-pressure impulse turbine
10,500 kW× 1 unit


Three-phase AC synchronous generator


45m above ground heighgt

Our hope for the future

With the support of our shareholders, people from the local community, and other stakeholders, South Kashima Power Plant Inc. began the operation of the gas turbine cogeneration system in August 2020 as its new main facility. By introducing this facility, we can now offer environment friendly power in a safe and stable manner to our customers. However, South Kashima Power Plant Inc. is not satisfied yet, it aims to remain a company that is needed by our customers while achieving a harmony with environmental conservation and nature.

CO2 emission factor after the introduction of new facilities

※The CO2 emission factor is the amount of carbon dioxide generated per kWh.

[Actual result of
all the supplied energy
converted to kWh]

0.279 kg-CO2/kWh

Overall efficiency of power plants after the introduction of
the gas turbine cogeneration system

Through our energy supply mission,
we aim to prevent global warming and
realize high-quality power management for
our companies.

We reduce the amount of generated CO2 by introducing the latest gas turbine cogeneration system and making effective use of the generated steam.


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