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South Kashima Power Plant Inc. used heavy oil as fuel when commencing operations in 1970. Sox (sulfur peroxide), NOx (nitrogen oxides) and particular matter and other pollutants are emitted when heavy oil is burned, and devices to extract these substances were required. By moving away from heavy oil and across to Natural Gas in 2013 enabled us to reduce SOx and particulate matter emissions by 100% and NOx emissions by 31%. We were also able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, one of the causes of global warming, by 22%. It was also imperative that we reduce the level of impurities in the water supplied to boilers down to zero without fail to supply only demineralized water. The processes involved in manufacturing demineralized water produces algae and contaminants included in mud and silt, and we incinerate these within the plant and recycle it for use in cement without turning it into industrial waste.

The electricity and steam we supply to the sixteen companies located in the Southern Group of the industrial complex are indispensable for their operations, and it is essential that we guarantee full levels of quality in such areas as volume, voltage and frequency for electricity, and temperature and pressure levels for steam to ensure that our customers can use these with peace of mind. Power plants handle vast quantities of items that can lead to explosions, the outbreak of fire and other facility accidents, as well as serious work-related accidents, including inflammable Natural Gas, high-temperature and high-pressure steam, and high-voltage power sources. In the event of accidents occurring, they would subject not only our customers, but also the local community to serious inconvenience. In order to prevent accidents occurring, in addition to strictly adhering to the Electricity Business Act, the Fire Services Act and all other relevant laws and regulations, we also place the emphasis on holding safety training and accident prevention study courses, disaster drills, simulator training and other employee training programs. These activities enable us to ensure stable operations and aim at providing all South Kashima Power Plant Inc. stakeholders with safety and security.

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