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Generating Power

South Kashima Power Plant Inc., we generate electricity using power generators. The concept of power generators can be easily understood if you consider a power generator as a large motor. Let us imagine an electric vehicle. In this electric vehicle, electricity is supplied from the battery to rotate the motor. The power from the motor is then transmitted to the tires to run the vehicle. When the vehicle has reached a sufficient speed, the car will continue to run and the motor will continue to rotate even when the supply of electricity is stopped. At this point, electricity can be generated from the motor to charge the battery. The same principle is used in power plants. Thus, power generators are rotated to obtain electricity.

At our company, we produce steam in a boiler using the thermal energy obtained by burning natural gas. We use the pressure and thermal energy from this steam to rotate the turbine and transfer power to a generator to create electricity. Even after being used to generate electricity, steam contains a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, we supply the steam along with the generated electricity to 16 companies located in the Southern Group of the industrial complex. South Kashima Power Plant Inc. produces the entire amount of energy required by these companies, resulting in a higher energy usage efficiency when compared with that when each company produces their required energy.

The operation of a gas turbine cogeneration system
that generates electricity with generators fed directly
by burning Natural Gas started in July 2020.

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Gas Turbine Cogeneration System

Creating Energy


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