• South Kashima
    Power Plant Inc.

Corporate Philosophy

Embrace our mission as a power generator for an industrial complex aiming to maintain safe and stable operation, improve cost competitiveness, respond quickly and honestly, and build a South Kashima Power Plant Inc. that is trusted by following the motto of environmental conservation and balance with nature.
  • Governance
  • - We continue healthy and efficient management with our stakeholders and aim to become a company that we can be proud of, among ourselves and the world.
  • Work style
  • - We aim to establish a workplace that is enriching and comfortable to improve the work-life balance of our staff.
  • Technological ability
  • - With the objective of improving the power generation system efficiency, we aim to become a safe and stable energy supplier.
  • Acquisition of Environment ISO14001 certification
  • - To build a rich society, we are striving to protect the environment and achieve balance with nature.
  • Human resources
  • - We build a workplace that is a fair environment for diverse staff to ensure active contribution.
  • Compliance
  • - We strictly adhere to laws and behave in a fair and just manner following the company philosophy.
  • Dialogue with the community
  • - We actively engage in interactions and conversations with the local community and aim to become a company that is at one with the community.
    • Environment
  • For a rich natural environment and community sustainability, we fully converted our fuel to clean natural gas in 2013. We contribute to clean energy production as an environmental-friendly power plant with extremely limited emission of CO2 and other pollutants.
    • Work style
  • To protect the health and well being of all our staff, we are preparing a work environment that we can be proud of. We have increased the freedom and options of work style so that the staff can comfortably achieve work-life balance.Moreover, by the end of 2020, our offices were renovated with wooden materials to create a relaxing office space surrounded by wood.
    • Technological ability
  • In July 2020, the latest power generation facility, called the gas turbine cogeneration system, which has the world’s best efficiency, was completed. We are developing clean energy based on cutting-edge technologies every day, following the keywords, “clean”, “energy conservation”, and “innovation” by focusing on the needs of today.
Gas Turbine Cogeneration System


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